Philip Colleck, Ltd Established 1938
Antique English Furniture

Philip Colleck
about philip colleck

Philip Colleck was an Englishman who founded the firm in 1938. Coming to New York from London, he called the shop Philip Colleck of London, LTD.

He started his business dealing in English porcelains in a shop on East 47th Street and then expanded his business to dealing in English furniture dating from 1690 to 1840. This really included anything that might have been in an English house, such as French mirrors, Chinese altar tables, cabinets and coromandel screens and globes. The main part of his inventory was always fine quality English mahogany, walnut and satinwood furniture, English lacquer, and painted pieces from grand secretaries to beautiful small objects. To do this, he moved his premises to east 57th Street. In the 1960's he also dealt in fine French furniture which was very much in fashion then.

He stayed on East 57th Street for over 30 years moving to 12th Street and Broadway in 1983. He died in 1987 and the firm continued there until moving to its present location in 2000.

Philip Colleck was a very handsome, elegant and charming man with a rapier wit. He was known for his impeccable taste and eye for beauty and quality. He was truly one of the great, colorful and elegant characters of his time, and he lived his life to the fullest.